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Competition Team


Within 12 years, Dance Obsessions has formed one of the most noted AWARD WINNING competing teams in the Delaware Valley.

Taking the Competition circuit by storm in 2007, our students and choreographers have received some of the most prestigious awards including:
Numerous Top Overalls
High Scoring Cash Prizes
Highest Scoring Routine of the Competition
Uncountable “Special” Judges Awards
Excellence Awards
Technique Awards
Choreography Awards
Entertainment Awards
The prestigious Studio Director/Teacher Award for having the most high scoring routines at the competition.
Full Scholarships for Students to Attend Conventions …and many more!

Craving more stage time? Do you think you have what “IT” takes? If you are interested in learning high quality competitive dance, at awesomely unbeatable rates… Join our AWARD WINNING Competition Team at our 2019-2020 Competition Team Auditions on Saturday, June 8th, starting @ 12:45 & 1:30pm (see below)
We train the best to be their best, when they shine under the bright lights!

AUDITIONS for 2019-2020 Season
will be held on Saturday, June 8th @ 12:30pm & 1:30pm.

Room 1   Mini & Petite Teams: D.O. Beginners
(5 turning 6 by 2020 – 8 years old)
12:45 – 1:45 Open Audition (jazz/sneakers shoes)

Room 3   Junior Teen Senior Teams: D.O. Intermediate & Advanced
(9 – 18 years old)
1:30 – 2:30  Hip Hop
2:30 – 3:15  Tap
3:15 – 4:30  Technical Audition for Jazz & Lyrical genres

*Auditions will be closed to spectators for observation 

If you are planning on attending 2019-2020 Competition Team Auditions, you & your dancer are welcome to come in 1/2 hour early to register & stretch/warm up.
dance obsessions passion meets inspiration
Current Competition Team & those interested in auditioning, will enroll in a 6-week Summer Session starting after July 4th.
Important Note: In the 2019-2020 Handbook, we request that you submit your Credit Card information, so that we have this on file for the new season.
Please stop in before June 3oth, to register for your Summer Classes with Commitment. Commitment deadline to be a part of the Competition Team is by June 30th.
Audition Results will be emailed after 2019 Recital.
Good luck to the fabulous dancers auditioning !!!

Dance Obsessions Competition Team Information

How do we D.O. It!?

Created for the truly dedicated dancer, the Dance Obsessions Competitive Dance Team is by audition only. To find out more about our Competitive Dance Program, call 610-358-1730 or email

Ages range from (5 turning 6 by new year) 6 – 18 and the program requirements are as follows:

Mini Team (ages 6-8):
Core classes, consisting of Jazz & Tap Combo I and Ballet I are required, with the option to add Hippity Hop, Lyrical I, & Tumbling classes

Options for Solo/Duo/Trio upon Management Discretion

Petite Team (ages 7-9):
Competition Core requires participation: 2 Ballet Classes +  Technique Class
ADD: Jazz, Level II
Lyrical, Level II
Tap, Level II
Hip-Hop, Level II
*D.O. Unlimited Package Available

Options for Solo/Duo/Trio upon Management Discretion

Junior Team (ages 10-12):
Competition Core requires participation: 2 Ballet Classes + 1 Technique Combo Class + Turns & Jumps
ADD: Jazz, Level III
Lyrical, Level III
Tap, Level III
Hip-Hop, Level III
Musical Theater
*D.O. Unlimited Package Available

Options for Solo/Duo/Trio upon Management Discretion

Teen (ages 11-14) & Senior Teams (ages 13+based on skill):
Competition Core requires participation: 3 Ballet Classes + 1 Contemporary Technique Combo Class + Turns & Jumps + Modern Class
ADD: Jazz, Levels IV & V
Lyrical, Levels IV & V
Tap, Levels IV & V
Hip-Hop, Levels IV & V
Student Choreography
Musical Theatre
Additional Ballet (as enrollment merits)
*D.O. Unlimited Package Available

Options for Solo/Duo/Trio upon Management Discretion

Dance Obsessions’ competition program requires dedication and commitment from both students and parents alike. It is recommended that Dancers interested in auditioning for competitive teams participate in D.O. Summer Dance Session. Current Competition Team Dancers are required to participate in D.O. Summer Dance Session.

Competition classes for competitive groups, will be within the Fall weekly dance schedule. Choreography for groups will be created within comp. classes.

Students are required to attend at least three local competitions per year, as a D.O. Team.

Communication between the studio directors and parents will be conducted via email. Please be sure to check your email daily for information and updates. If you do not have access to email, please be sure to inform the studio director. General information and competition information is also available on our website, Facebook, and Instagram.

• Audition Fees will not be refunded if the student elects not to participate on the team. • Dancers will be refunded Audition Fees ONLY if the dancer is not selected for the team.

Anyone interested in our competition teams can email us and we will send you our Competition Team Rules and Regulations packet.

Dance Routine Information
All routines, including Solos, Duo/Trios, and Group dances that are choreographed by Dance Obsessions’ teachers and/or choreographers, are the property of Dance Obsessions Ltd. and as such, shall only be performed under the Dance Obsessions name. A dancer may only perform Solo(s) and Duo/Trios if you were initially selected by the Dance Obsessions directors at auditions. In order to be eligible for Solo(s), Duo/Trios, you must be competing in a group routine of the same style, i.e.: jazz group dance; jazz (or open) solo/duo/trio.

Dance Obsessions Competition Team Structure
Beginner Program – D.O. Mighty Mini’s ♥
• Jazz/Open Dance • Optional Large Group Lyrical Comp Class
• Optional Duo/Trio upon Management Discretion
• Optional Solo upon Management Discretion (must have 1 year of competitive experience)

Advanced Beginner – D.O. Petites – D.O. Petites ♠
• Jazz Comp Class • Tap Comp Class • Lyrical Comp Class
• Optional Duo/Trio upon Management Discretion
• Optional Solo upon Management Discretion 

Intermediate Program Junior Team ♠
& Advanced Program – D.O. Teen & Senior Teams ♦
–  All Competition Senior, Teen, Junior Dancers

• D.O. Hip Hop Competition Class: Senior Team; Teen Team; Junior Team

• D.O. Tap Competition Class: Senior Team; Junior Team; Petite Team

• D.O. Jazz Competition Class: Advanced Small Group Team (13+); Large Group Adv Int & Int. Team (9-12); Petite Team; Mini Team

• D.O. Lyrical Competition Class: Senior Team; Teen Team; Junior Team; Large Group 8& Under Team

D.O. Specials
• Unlimited Dancer Specials Options: 2 Solos + Duo/Trio

• A la Carté Dancer Specials Options: 1 Solo + Duo/Trio

• Single Style Dance Crew Special Option: 1 Solo

*Costumes are non-refundable/non-returnable

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