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Dance Programs

Pre-School Dance (ages 2-3; 3-4; 4-5 years old)
Pre-School dance classes are designed for children 2 – 5 years old.  The basic dance styles of tap,  jazz, ballet, and tumbling will be incorporated in these classes.  The pre-school level will emphasize stretching, coordination, and discovering self-expression through body movement.  Students will learn how to participate in a classroom atmosphere, while learning proper dance-etiquette. Fun props, such as hula-hoops, scarves, and instruments will be used to keep the class interesting will be included at the end of all pre-school classes. Class size is limited in order to give each child more personal attention.  Children enrolled in this program will perform one dance in our annual recital at the end of the year.

Baby Ballet, for 2-3 years old, is a beginner class for young dancers looking to get involved in a basic dance class. Styles learned will be Ballet, Tap & basic Tumbling/Mat-work.
Pre-School, for 3-5 years old, is for dancers who have had 1 year of pre-school dance experience. Styles learned will be Ballet/Jazz, Tap & Tumbling/Mat-work.
Pre-School Gym & Dance, for 3-5 years old, emphasizes learning the basics of Ballet & Tumbling/Gymnastics.

Kinderdance & Hippity Hop (ages 5-6 years old)
Kinderdance classes are a step above the Pre-School program, and are for children 5 to 6 years of age, or for any dancer who has had 2 years of Pre-school dance experience. Kinderdance is structured to emphasize the basics of ballet, jazz and tap, while learning a bit more advanced movement and technique, compared to the Pre-school level. Students will be challenged to retain longer combinations of steps as well as being taught the basic terminology for the steps executed.  The Kinderdance class will perform one dance in the annual recital at the end of the year.
We also offer a Hippity-Hop class for students in the Kinderdance level, which is a basic Hip-Hop and tumbling class. This class has become very popular amongst young boys and girls at D.O.

Combination Program
Our Combo Program features classes within the combinations of Jazz and Tap.  For children ages 6-7, these classes are geared towards exploring two styles of dance within one class, at a beginner/advanced-beginner level.  Showcasing two styles or genres within one class period allows students the opportunity to experience two different styles of dance for the price of one class.  All combo classes are one hour in length, with a half an hour designated for each style.  The Combination Program performs two dances in our annual recital at the end of the year.

Progressions Program
Focusing on the individual classes of Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Lyrical and Hip Hop, the Progressions Program is structured for students ages 7 and up (depending on experience).  Students will progress from introductory Progressions classes to more advanced technique and training.  This is a great way for students to gain self-confidence, physical fitness and coordination which will carry over into all aspects of their lives.  The Basic Program is also perfect for students who are involved in other hobbies such as school activities or sports, since they can choose one or more styles of dance to focus on and advance in that particular style without a great commitment of time.

Competition Team
Dance Obsessions has formed one of the most sought after AWARD WINNING competing teams in the Delaware Valley.hip hop dancers

Taking the Competition circuit by storm in 2007, our students and choreographers have received some of the most prestigious awards including: Numerous Top Overalls, High Scoring Cash Prizes, Highest Scoring Routine of the Competition, Uncountable “Special” Judges Awards, Excellence Awards, Choreography Awards, Entertainment Awards, The Prestigious Studio Director/Teacher Award for having the most high scoring routines at the competition, Full Scholarships for Students to Attend Conventions …and many more!
Created for the truly dedicated dancer, the Dance Obsessions Competitive Dance Team is by audition only.  To find out more about our competitive dance team, call 610-358-1730 or email
Ages range from 6-18 (ages vary, based on experience & skill level) and the program requirements are as follows:

Mini Team / Beginner (ages 6-8):
Required classes: Beginner Ballet, plus Tap & Jazz Combo Class (Core Classes)
ADD: Hippity Hop, Lyrical or Tumbling

Petite Team / Advanced Beginner (ages 7-9):
Adv. Beg. Ballet, Jazz & Tech combo (Core Classes)
ADD: Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Lyrical, Musical Theater or Tumbling/Acro

Junior Team / Intermediate (ages 10-12):
2 Intermediate Ballet classes, 1 Intermediate Technique, 1 Intermediate Modern, 1 Intermediate Turns & Jumps (Core Classes)
ADD: Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Lyrical, Musical Theater, Contemporary Elevations or Acro

Teen Team / Advanced/Adv.Int. (ages 11-14):
2 Advanced Ballet (1.5 hrs), 1 Advanced Technique, 1 Advanced Jumps & Turns, Advanced Modern (Core Classes)
ADD: Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Lyrical, Musical Theater, Contemporary Elevations or Acro

Senior Team / Advanced (ages 13+):
2 Advanced Ballet (1.5 hrs), 1 Advanced Technique, 1 Advanced Jumps & Turns, Advanced Modern (Core Classes)
ADD: Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Lyrical, Musical Theater, Contemporary Elevations or Acro

Find out more about our “Unlimited Dance Package” for Intermediate–Advanced email
D.O.’s Unlimited Dance Package will allow your dancer to partake in every single class that we have to offer at your dancers Level, at an unbeatable tuition rate!
For dancers who love to explore ALL aspects and styles of dancing. If you are looking to maximize your/your child’s dance training, D.O. Management has put together details to offer you and your dancer an “Unlimited Dance Package.”
*Unlimited Package only applies to Levels Intermediate-Advanced – available to recreational & competitive programs.


Dance Obsessions’ Competition Program requires dedication and commitment from both students and parents alike.  Competition Classes have been incorporated into our program to alleviate long Saturday Rehearsal times. One to two Saturdays before Competition month for groups, solos, and duo/trios may be added.  Students are required to attend at least three local competitions per year. Conventions are optional but recommended!

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