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Studio Policy & Rates

Dance Obsessions’ primary goal is to build confidence and self esteem while providing first rate, quality dance instruction. We are a family-owned and operated business and our family has the experience of many years of involvement in the world of dance. We look forward to sharing our passion and enthusiasm with our students.

Our instructors are all young, self motivated individuals with many years of dance experience whose love of the art of dance shows through in their teaching methods. From pre-school through advanced, while your child is attending class, they will be the focus of our instructors and staff. We have many plans for the upcoming year, and would like to take this opportunity to briefly outline our goals and intentions.

Students are expected to be cooperative and respectful at all times. In turn, you and your child will always be treated in a friendly, courteous, and respectful manner. Instructors and staff will be readily available to answer any questions or concerns.

The following opportunities will be made available to all students. As these events approach, further information about dates and times will be distributed to students via email, and will also be available on D.O. TV and our website.

Tuition Rates
You can view Dance Obsessions’ competitively priced tuition rates here.

Local Parades
D.O. plans on participating in one to two local parades to support the surrounding communities. This activity will be open to all students over the age of 5.

Parent’s Observation
Dance Obsessions’ facility has 2 observation windows in each studio room. Parents may watch their dancer from the outside of these windows. Parents, please refrain from coming into the studio rooms, as this becomes an unnecessary distraction to the students.

We hold an annual dance recital at the end of the dance season in mid-June, to showcase our students. Again, this is completely optional, but a wonderful opportunity for the students to perform and “show off” what they have learned during the year!
The feedback from our awesome recitals has been nothing short of incredible! We are lucky to have the opportunity to create such amazing shows with such talented dancers.
*Dance Costumes are non-refundable, once they have been ordered.

Dancewear / Apparel
D.O. apparel will be sold in our office, including: T-Shirts, Yoga Pants, Tank Tops, Sweatshirts, Long-sleeved T’s, Gym Shorts, Soffee Shorts and Sports Bras — along with Dance Obsessions Warm-up Jackets and matching Pants!

Class Rules
1. Cell phone use by students and teachers in the studio classrooms will be NOT be tolerated. In the case of cell phone use, the phone will be revoked until the end of class. They may be used in the lobby/shack area or outside the building. In case of emergencies, parents may call the studio and we will excuse the child from class.

2. Please put your name on your belongings. Do not leave valuables in the waiting room or lobby. Dance Obsessions is not responsible for lost or stolen belongings.

3. Students are expected to be cooperative and respectful at all times. In turn, your child will be? treated in a friendly, courteous, respectful manner. Failure to do so will result in the student being asked to either sit down or leave the class.

4. No gum, candy, food, or drinks (besides water) are allowed in the studio.

5. Proper attire must be worn to classes and rehearsals, such as comfortable, work-out clothes (no jeans or street clothes). Proper foot-wear must be worn to each class. Students must come to ? classes and rehearsals with hair up (out of face) and dressed appropriately.

Required Class Attire
Female students participating in Ballet (all ages) MUST wear proper Ballet attire: Leotard/ bodysuit; pink tights; skirt (if they want); ballet shoes. Hair MUST be pulled up in a bun.
Male students participating in Ballet (all ages) MUST wear a form-fitting beater/tank top; form-fitting basketball shorts; either bare feet or black jazz shoes.

Tap & Jazz: appropriate dancewear – no jeans or sneakers

Hip Hop : open – sneakers ok
Please have hair pulled back and off the face for all classes, flying hair is a distraction.

Level placement, music selection, choreography, costuming, and spacing of group dances are a the choreographer’s discretion. Our entire faculty are passionate about our competing program and take pride in each student in each routine. Inappropriate parent and/or student comments will not be

Social Media Policy
Dancers (along with associated family members) who are involved in the Dance Obsessions program, who have a Social Media account (ie. Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) are prohibited from making disparaging, discriminatory or defamatory comments when discussing the Dance Obsessions faculty members, classmates, or Dance Obsessions, Ltd. as company in general. Negative comments may result in the dancers’ dismissal from class/studio. This decision will be at the sole discretion of the studio owners.

Bullying Policy
According to the United States Government website,, Bullying is defined as “aggressive behavior that is intentional, repeated over time, and involves an imbalance of power or strength”. Children all over the country today face Physical (hitting), Verbal (teasing), Emotional (intimidation through nonverbal communication such as gestures or eye contact), and Cyber (texting, email, facebook, and instant messages) bullying constantly whether they realize it or not.

Adults should be concerned with bullying because:
• Bullying affects the “mental health, academic work, and physical health” of its victims.
• Bullying creates isolated, antisocial, and even violent behavior for the child who bullies.
• Bullying negatively effects those who are around it or observe it
• Bullying is considered to be a form of abuse.

Here at Dance Obsessions, we work hard to promote a healthy and fun learning environment that allows our children to gain the full benefits of dance in a classroom. Every student that is a Dance Obsessions Student is expected to carry themselves in a way that brings dignity and pride to themselves, their fellow teammates, their teachers, and the studio as a whole. As members of a team, we must teach our children that despite our differences and feelings about one another outside of the studio, we must put it all aside in for the good of the individual and the class.

This is a lesson that is not only important for all Dance Obsessions students, but for future experiences at school or in the work place as well. This removes any negativity and distraction from the classroom, and allows the children to focus on building their technique and ability as dancers.

In the event that an incident that is considered bullying occurs within a classroom or else-where at Dance Obsessions, the student, the student’s parent, the teacher of the class where the incident occurred, and one or more of our directors will have a meeting to address the incident and help the student change their behavior. If the negative behavior continues, the student will be SUSPENDED from the Studio for the duration of the season. This is possible at any time throughout the year, from the first day of classes to a week before the recital. Nothing is more important than the safety and happiness of your children at Dance Obsessions, which is why this policy is important.

Dance Routine Information
All routines, including Solos, Duo/Trios, and Group dances that are choreographed by Dance Obsessions’ teachers and/or choreographers are the property of Dance Obsessions Ltd. and as such, shall only be performed under the Dance Obsessions name. A dancer may only perform Solo(s) and Duo/Trios if you were initially selected by the Dance Obsessions directors at auditions. In order to be eligible for Solo(s), Duo/Trios, you must be competing in a group routine of the same style, i.e.: jazz group dance; jazz (or open) solo/duo/trio.

*Dance Costumes are non-refundable, once they have been ordered.

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