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The Importance of Ballet Attire

When registering your dancer for Ballet Class, you are signing them up not just for dancing lessons, but learned life skills acquired with the discipline and hard work.

Part of the discipline is the Ballet attire dress code:


  • pink (or tan) tights
  • leotard (black specific for Intermediate & Advanced)
  • long hair secured in a bun
  • skirt (optional) booty/spandex shorts (acceptable)
  • pink ballet shoes for diva’s
    (leather or canvas — canvas preferred)


  •  form-fitting muscle tank top or t-shirt

  •  basketball shorts or jazz pants are acceptable

  • black ballet shoes for dudes
    (leather or canvas — canvas preferred)

    If you are unsure of the proper shoe, you may ask your instructor or studio main office manager.
    Items can be purchased at any local dance store such as Motions Dance & Fitness Shoppe or Brandywine Dance Shoppe (also check online: Discount Dance; Capezio, etc).

Although it may initially seem unnecessary or over-the-top… ballet attire is distinguished, having been around for centuries, existing to make class more focused and structured with an emphasis on being able to correct technique & body placement. Ballet requires discipline, therefore helping our dancers value a dress code, helps them to understand simple rules.

When students wear proper ballet attire, it reminds them of where they are–in Ballet class.  Dancers all wearing their neutral attire means they are much less likely to be distracted by their clothing and the clothing of others.  Same with girls hair being neatly secured in a bun; students won’t be be as likely to play with their hair or need to push it out of their face throughout their class time or put the class on hold while asking the teacher to fix their hair.

For instructors, appropriate ballet attire is important so that teachers can properly correct their dancers.  Ballet clothes allows the lines, technique and body placement to be much more visible to the instructor, and can help your child dance correctly and safely.  This grows even more important as dancers get older.

Dressing like a dancer makes us feel more…like dancers! Like regal Kings and Queens of dance!  So observing the proper ballet dress code means respecting the class etiquette, discipline and your teacher.

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